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An Award Winning Film

“The Journey – Rumi Recomposed” is an extraordinary film by the multitalented Jamil Mawani, crafted for the 2018 Jubilee Arts Festival. This groundbreaking work encapsulates Mawani’s spiritual odyssey in the Ismaili Centre of Vancouver, intertwining the exquisite verses of Rumi. A winner at provincial and national levels, the film was an official selection at the festival in Lisbon. Mawani’s self-produced, -acted, -voiced, -filmed, and -edited masterpiece touches every creative prompt for the festival, setting a new standard for future participants. A captivating visual journey that architect Bruno Freschi applauds as ‘an extraordinary film’.



“The Journey – Rumi Recomposed” is a 5-minute film that won the Jubilee Arts Film Festival. This devotional film combines the poetry of Jalaluddin Rumi, the space of the Ismaili Centre Vancouver, and the experience one feels in the house of prayer.

During the making of this film, the director captured never-before-seen drone footage, revealing a keyhole symbol shining from above the Ismaili Centre during morning prayer. Through fractal filters and high-speed cameras, one can discover the secrets hidden in the architecture and sacred geometry that this film has captured, leaving one mystified through unique perspectives.

The symbol used in the title is the Arabic letter Ba (ب), which holds the key to the universe and is unveiled in its meaning. The shape ب symbolizes the house of knowledge and represents Prophet Muhammad, while the dot below ب symbolizes creation and represents Hazrat Ali. That dot stands for the beginning and end of everything, like an atom and the universe.

In celebration of His Highness the Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee, this film was created for the International Jubilee Arts Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. The artists were required to express one of four creative prompts in the category of Devotion, Aspiration, Legacy, or Time. This film touched on all four of the creative prompts. Proudly representing Canada in Lisbon, The Journey was highly acclaimed by the global Jamat. This film is unique in that the director, Jamil Mawani, was able to express himself through film, voice, performance, and production. The music, poetry, and cinematography of this film will transport one on a journey within.

Enjoy the film, and may your path be illuminated.