Third Eye Pro offers comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective printing solutions. 

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Digital Press Printing

Third Eye Pro offers comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective printing solutions. Services range from digital printing of brochures, and business cards, to custom promotional materials and signage options like banners and trade show displays. Specialties include decals for vehicles, window graphics, and unique finishing options to create standout materials for business or personal needs.


Large Format Signs

Third Eye Pro in Vancouver specializes in creating impactful large format signs that demand attention. With our expert team and state-of-the-art printing technology, we deliver stunning oversized displays that capture the essence of your message. From banners to billboards, trust us to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression.


Package, Bundle & Save!

Unlock convenience and savings with Third Eye Pro as your one-stop resource for all your printing and signage needs. Businesses and individuals can package, bundle, and save by consolidating services like digital printing, large format signs, and promotional materials. Trust our expertise and comprehensive solutions to streamline your projects while maximizing value. Reach out today!

Upcycle your used signs, give it another life!

Join Third Eye Pro’s innovative upcycling program and breathe new life into your old signs. Businesses and individuals can now give their outdated or unused signs a sustainable makeover, saving resources and reducing waste. Through creative repurposing, we transform discarded signs into unique, eco-friendly creations, showcasing your commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Our Products

Digital Press Printing

Laminated Business Cards

Say goodbye to flimsy cards! Our printing services unleash the power of laminated business cards, combining durability with undeniable charm. These crease, water, and fade-resistant cards come in velvet, matte, or gloss finishes. Your cards will endure the elements and make a tactile impression.


Experience the artistry of custom posters! Our printing services transform your ideas into stunning visual displays. With vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail, we create posters that captivate and inspire. From bold event promotions to personal artwork, let your creativity shine.

Flyers & Rack Cards

Elevate your marketing with our reliable flyer and rack card printing. Captivate with eye-catching designs and impactful messaging. From vibrant flyers to informative rack cards, make a lasting impression. Let us help you soar above the competition with our quality printing solutions. Your success starts with 3rdiPro!

Brochures & Pamphlets

Unleash the power of persuasion with our exceptional brochure and pamphlet printing services. From captivating brochures to concise pamphlets that grab attention, we transform your ideas into tangible marketing magic. Stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with Vancouver based Third Eye Pro!

Presentation Folders

Make a professional statement with 3rdiPro's top-notch presentation folder printing services. We bring your brand to life with in house crafted folders that exude professionalism and organization. From sleek designs to customizable options, our printing expertise ensures a lasting impact.

Stickers & Labels

Unlock your creativity with our custom vinyl sticker printing services. Perfect for students, artists, and businesses alike, our vibrant stickers make a bold statement. Whether you're showcasing your artwork, or promoting your brand, 3rdiPro's high-quality printing ensures your designs stand out.

Menu & Inserts

Elevate your menus and inserts in Vancouver! Our custom, full-color printing services bring your vision to life. With expert typesetting and graphic design, we ensure visually stunning results. Impress customers with our professional printing solutions that leave a lasting impression

Heat Transfer

Experience the magic of heat transfer with our exceptional services. From personalized apparel to promotional merchandise, we bring your designs to life with vibrant colors and durable prints. Elevate your style and brand with our high-quality heat transfer services that make a lasting impression

Letterheads & Envelopes

Elevate your business image with our professional letterhead and envelope printing. Make a lasting impression with elegant letterheads and professional envelopes that showcase your brand. Trust Third Eye Pro's top-quality printing to enhance your correspondence.

Direct Mail

Unleash the personal touch of direct mail with our customized mail-out services. From personalized designs to individual name insertion, we create impactful marketing materials that engage recipients on a personal level. Maximize your outreach and drive meaningful connections.

Booklets & Magazines

Elevate your vision with our printing services for artists, business owners and Real Estate professionals in Vancouver and beyond. From captivating booklets to inspiring magazines, we bring your stories to life. Trust our expertise to create custom printed booklets with many finishing options.


Experience Vancouver's finest custom calendar printing with Third Eye Pro. From personal images to business promotion, we create stunning calendars that leave a lasting impression. Showcase your memories or elevate your brand. Make every day count with our exceptional custom calendar solutions.


Recognize achievements with our professional certificate printing services. We bring elegance to every detail, from high-quality paper to exquisite designs. Whether it's academic excellence, employee recognition, or special awards, we create certificates that honor accomplishments and inspire pride.


Elevate your organization and marketing efforts in Vancouver and beyond with our custom notepad printing. From branded to-do lists to promotional giveaways, we create personalized notepads that make a lasting impression. Stay on top of your game with our exceptional printing services.

Carbonless Forms

Simplify your documentation process with our carbonless form printing services. Streamline record-keeping and transactions with multi-part forms that provide instant duplication without the need for carbon paper. Trust our high-quality printing to deliver efficient and accurate forms for your business needs.

Tent Cards

Unleash the full-color potential of your custom tent cards with our expert printing and graphic design services. From eye-catching designs to custom sizing, high-quality tent cards captivate your audience. From start to finish, Third Eye Pro will design, print and deliver!


Elevate your event experience with our QR code-enabled badge printing services. From trade shows to concerts, our laminated badges feature QR codes for seamless digital interactions. Enhance security, streamline information sharing, and make a lasting impression with our badge printing solutions.

Photo Prints

Preserve your memories with our high-quality photo printing services. From vibrant true colors to optional photoshopping, we bring your images to life. Trust our Xerox Versant Digital Printing Press for exceptional prints that capture the essence of your special moments.

Blue Prints

Bring your designs to life with our blueprint printing services in Vancouver. Whether it's students working on projects or architects refining their plans, we provide high-quality blueprints that showcase your vision. Trust our expertise to deliver precise prints that meet your professional standards.

Place Cards

Make your event a memorable affair with our place card printing services. From weddings to special occasions, our custom-designed place cards add a touch of elegance and organization. Create a personalized experience for your guests and set the tone for your gathering.


Add a personal touch with our custom magnet printing services. Vibrant designs and practical uses make our magnets perfect for promotional giveaways or personalized gifts. Let us bring your ideas to life and create magnets that make a memorable impact.

Custom Cheques

Enhance your business with our custom cheque printing. Personalize your cheques with unique designs, logos, and security features. Experience high-quality and secure cheques that reflect your brand identity and streamline financial transactions.


Digitize with confidence through our scanning services. Preserve and organize your documents, photos, and artwork with precision. Our expert scanning delivers high-quality results, transforming analog materials into digital formats for easy access and long-term preservation.


Safeguard your sensitive information with our secure shredding services. Protect your privacy and prevent data breaches. From start to finish Third Eye Pro will handle your document disposal needs with the utmost security and confidentiality.

Our Products

Wide Format Signs

Wall Paper & Murals

Unleash your creativity with our Roland large-format printer. From custom designs to full-color options, we create stunning wallpapers and murals. Whether it's a small accent or fitting any sized wall, trust our expertise to easily transform your space.

Cut Vinyl Decals

Enhance your style with precision-cut vinyl decals. From custom designs to intricate shapes, we create eye-catching decals that elevate your branding or décor. Trust our expertise for durable and visually stunning decals that leave a lasting impression

Large Posters

Maximize your advertising impact with attention-grabbing large posters. Perfect for trade shows and events, our high-quality printing ensures your message stands out. Capture attention and make a lasting impression with Third Eye Pro's impactful poster printing services.

Hanging Banners

Make an impact with our weather-resistant hanging banners. With vibrant graphics and various finishes, they withstand outdoor conditions, effectively conveying messages. Enhance marketing campaigns with exceptional visibility and leave a lasting impression

Retractable Banners

3rdiPro's reusable retractable banners are perfect for marketing, events, and trade shows. These versatile, durable, and portable stand-up banners make a lasting impression. Elevate your brand with convenience and impact. Retractable banners are an excellent marketing investment.

Window Graphics

Third Eye Pro's window frosting and graphics for privacy, design, and brand promotion. Our top-notch printing and installation services bring your vision to life. Durable vinyl graphics offer UV protection, versatility, and visual impact, making a smart long-term investment.

Floor Wraps & Decals

Transform floors effortlessly with 3rdiPro's easy-to-install and remove floor wraps and decals. Our design and installation services ensure seamless application, with easy removal. Make a statement at weddings and events or use decals to send customers in the right direction!

Trade Show Displays

Elevate your trade show presence in Vancouver and beyond with our expert display printing. From durable banners with grommets to captivating posters and handouts, we bring your brand to life. Don't get lost in the crowd, stand out with 3rdiPro!

Construction Signs

Promote safety and visibility at construction sites with our professional sign printing. From caution signs to directional signage, we deliver high-quality prints that communicate effectively. Trust us for durable and visible construction signs that prioritize safety and compliance.

Real Estate Signs

Capture attention in Vancouver's real estate scene with our striking sign printing services. Our high-quality large format prints are designed to make a statement, helping your listings stand out from the competition. Sell high with Third Eye!

A Boards

Third Eye Pro offers custom-created A-boards in Vancouver. Durable, portable, and designed to make an impact, our signs withstand the elements. Give your old signs a fresh look with our repurposing service, creating sustainable signage solutions that capture attention.

Foam Core Mounting

Elevate your event or business signage with our foam core mounting services. From seating charts to welcome signs and photo collages, we create stunning and reusable displays. High-quality foam core mounting adds dimension and professional appeal to your visuals.

Architectural Signage

Architectural signage blends purpose, aesthetics, and functionality. It integrates seamlessly into the environment, representing the business while enhancing the physical space. Experience the art of well-designed signage combining practicality with strong visual appeal.

Vehicle Wraps

Drive your marketing forward with our vehicle wrap and custom decal services. Boost brand awareness with artistic designs and eye-catching visuals. Incorporate QR codes for interactive engagement. Even reflect your family's personality on the road or announce a marriage!

Yard Signs

Get noticed with fun and customizable yard signs! Perfect for business promotions, graduations, birthdays, weddings, and more. Stand out from the crowd with Third Eye Pro's unique designs or make a statement at your special event. From design to install we do it all! Need a Pro?

Mesh Banners

Maximize outdoor advertising impact with our durable mesh banners. Designed with small wind-passing holes, these printed signs withstand the elements. With UV-resistant ink, our mesh banners offer long-lasting visibility for impactful outdoor advertising.

Media Wall & Backdrops

Make a statement at your Vancouver event with 3rdiPro's customizable media walls and backdrops. Reinforce your brand, provide sponsor recognition, and set the tone. Perfect for press conferences, photo ops, and trade shows. Customizable hanging options are available, including loopholes and grommets.

Fine Art

Elevate your art with our fine art printing in Vancouver. From precise color matching to custom paper options, we bring your vision to life. Trust us for high-quality productions, supporting artists, students, and individuals in their unique printing needs with care and excellence.

Illuminated Signs

Shine bright with LED signs! Unmatched visibility, energy efficiency, and longevity make them the perfect choice for Vancouver businesses aiming to leave a memorable impact. With weather resistance and versatile designs, your business will stand out no matter the elements!

Perforated Graphics

Transform your windows with our captivating perforated graphics. Achieve privacy from the inside while displaying vibrant graphics on the outside. Enhance your storefront, office, or vehicle with our high-quality perforated graphics that combine style, privacy, and promotional impact.

Film & TV

Elevate your film and TV production with our printing services in Vancouver. From custom signage to props and promotional materials, we bring your creative vision to life. Trust us for high-quality prints that enhance the on-screen storytelling experience.

Kiosk Wraps

Hook your customers' attention with our kiosk wrap designs. Let your brand shine and draw in customers with eye-catching visuals. Make your kiosk immersive with your QR Code. Our thoughtful kiosk wraps attract attention and leave impressions.

Reflective Signs

Maximize visibility and safety with our reflective sign printing. Designed to catch ambient light, our signs enhance visibility in low-light conditions. Ideal for roadways, parking lots, construction zones, and more, they ensure clear communication and promote safety in various settings.

Translucent Banners

Elevate your displays with our translucent banner printing. These versatile banners allow light to pass through, creating a captivating effect. Perfect for backlit displays, events, and promotions, our translucent banners add a touch of elegance to make your message shine.

POP Displays

Third Eye Pro delivers captivating custom POP displays. From design to production, we enhance your brand's presence with impactful solutions. Stand out in retail environments and drive sales with our expertise in creating eye-catching displays.

Magnetic Signs

Enhance brand visibility with Third Eye Pro's versatile magnetic signs. Perfect for vehicles, storefronts, trade shows, and offices, our high-quality signs make an impact and promote your business effectively. Stand out with easy-to-use magnetic signs."

Oversized Checks

Get ready for a cheque-mate moment! Our oversized cheques steal the show at charity events, prize presentations, and more. Capture the excitement with custom-designed cheques that make a statement and create unforgettable photo opportunities."

Custom Cutout Standees

Make a memorable impression with our custom cutout standees. Perfect for events and parties, these life-sized standees add fun and excitement. Create unforgettable photo moments and bring your imagination to life.

Wayfinding Signage

Navigate like a pro with our wayfinding signage. Our custom directional, informational, and regulatory signs ensure a smooth and intuitive journey. Trust us to deliver high-quality solutions that guide customers effortlessly through any environment.

Upcycle Program

Join our upcycle program and give new life to your large format signs! Our innovative repurposing solutions transform old signs into fresh, sustainable creations. Help reduce waste, while showcasing your commitment to environmental responsibility.


Streaming video locally, across a network, or online is more than just a push of a button. We provide custom solutions for sharing video online from production to technical support with secure and reliable connections. With our multi camera packages you can cover every angle.


At Third Eye Pro we help set your digital footprint in social media. From evaluating all platforms, your audiences, and content to creating graphics, strategizing and measuring. With in-house and third party solutions we can help you achieve impactful results. Consult with a Third Eye to create a timeline for your project.

Print in Packages & Save

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  • Event Planners

    Elevate your event with Third Eye Pro's comprehensive printing solutions. As trusted partners for event planners, we offer custom event signage, eye-catching banners, promotional materials, and custom numbered tickets, ensuring a seamless and memorable event experience.

  • Retail Store Front

    Enhance your retail store front with Third Eye Pro's top printing solutions. From custom signage and window graphics to banners, posters, and product labels, we help create an inviting and visually appealing environment to attract customers and promote your products effectively.

  • Tradeshow

    Make a lasting impression at tradeshows in Vancouver and beyond with Third Eye Pro's standout printing solutions. From eye-catching booth graphics and banners to promotional materials and custom signage, we help you create a captivating presence that attracts attention and drives engagement at every trade show event.

  • Real Estate Agencies

    Real estate professionals in Vancouver trust Third Eye Pro for a wide range print products. From property brochures, flyers, and postcards to signage and custom marketing materials, we help showcase properties effectively and leave an impression on potential buyers and sellers.

  • Non-Profit Organizations

    Ignite the impact of Nonprofit Organizations with powerful print solutions. From eye-catching fundraising materials to informative brochures and captivating event banners, we help nonprofits effectively communicate their mission and engage with supporters through impactful print products.

  • Hospitality

    Transform the hospitality experience with Third Eye Pro's exceptional print solutions. From captivating menus and brochures to promotional flyers and eye-catching event signage, we help hotels, restaurants, and resorts create a memorable and visually appealing atmosphere that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

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