Our Team

Through the years, Third Eye Pro has cultivated partnerships with a carefully selected array of talented independent contractors and esteemed vendors. Our capability to bolster our in-house team with these seasoned professionals allows us to tackle projects of any magnitude. With a focus on collaboration and continuous learning, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for every project.

Jamil Mawani

Founder & Creative Director

Print Manger, Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer

I am Jamil Mawani, the founder of Third Eye Pro, a multimedia company that specializes in creating visually captivating content across various mediums such as video production, photography, graphic design, web development, print, installations, social media management, and event design. Our work has been widely recognized and has been featured on various platforms, catering to a diverse range of clients from different industries. My passion for creative arts, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills are all rooted in my upbringing and family history.


Following an abundant career traversing multiple industries, I returned to my design roots and established Third Eye Pro, providing a comprehensive all in one solution for clients. My experiences, both positive and challenging, have molded me into the successful entrepreneur I am today and Third Eye Pro into a thriving business. If you wish to delve deeper into my story and the evolution of Third Eye Pro, I invite you to peruse my biography, where you will discover intriguing insights and connections.

Sabrina Dhanji

Marketing & Customer Relations

Accounts, Content Creator, Social Media, Print Shop, Second Shooter

I am Sabrina Dhanji, a woman with a passion for healthcare and entrepreneurship. Raised in Vancouver by and introduced to business ownership through their Physiotherapy Clinic, I discovered my talent in manual therapy and established my first company, Instant Karma Massage Therapy. After three years, I expanded my skill set by purchasing and elevating Paradise Spa. However, a personal health setback led me to sell the spa and refocus on self-care, which led to the creation of my home-based massage therapy practice, SKA Wellness.

My partner Jamil and I then transformed my practice into our collaborative wellness retreat, The Lighthouse, offering a range of wellness services. My family, including my partner and two daughters Kamilah & Alanah are my greatest source of love and inspiration. Our goal is to help others elevate their lives both professionally and personally. Whether through Third Eye Pro, our creative business in digital media, print design, photography and more, or through The Lighthouse, we are here to support others on their journey.

Jay Shetty

Web Technologies Manager

Optimization, Software, Security, AI Technologies

Originally from Bangalore, Jay had built his career in Vancouver from managing Office Depot locations to building his own web technology business. When Jay joined the company in 2010 his role was to develop the web sector of Third Eye Pro by bringing his extensive knowledge of web development, software, server and database management to the table. A few years later the idea to build an offshore team in Bangalore India gave Jay the opportunity to move back home to his family, while building our office there. 7 years later and 3 kids happier, Jay has proven to be loyal and steadfast in providing support for Third Eye and it’s clients.

Andrew Sampson

Senior Post Production

Second Shooter, Animation, Script Writing, Production Manager

With over eight years at Third Eye Pro, Andrew is a master editor with a wealth of expertise. He has worked on numerous projects and is known for his ability to excel under pressure, creating stunning same-day edits and utilizing special effects with finesse. Andrew’s film school training also extends to film direction, scripting, and filming, making him a valuable asset to the team and your project!

Jashan Deol


Photographer, Post Productions, Assistant Director

Jashan has been with Third Eye Pro for over 5 years and has many years of experience in professional photography and video production. He specializes in portrait work and possesses a keen eye for detail, honing his skills in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to deliver the finest quality images. Jashan was the camera assistant for the creation of our award-winning Journey film and he has experience working on music videos and broadcasting. His easy-going nature and impeccable work ethic have established him as a reliable and trusted member of the team.

Brendon MacDonald

Pro Photographer

Photo Studio Manager, Videographer, AV Crew

Bren has eight years of experience with the Third Eye Pro team, bringing his infectious energy and enthusiasm to professional photography and video production. He is a seasoned filmmaker, with experience on television and movie sets. Bren also comes with a wealth of experience in lighting and in studio photography. We and you can count on Bren for laughter and professionalism!

Our Young Interns

Third Eye Pro is thrilled to have these dynamic young interns as part of our team! We believe in mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs and providing them with the tools they need to succeed. Our interns are learning the balance of preserving traditional techniques in print and sign creation while also keeping up with the rapidly changing world of technology, including web development, video production, open source, and AI. We believe in blending ethics with esthetics to achieve both business & personal growth. It’s amazing to see these young minds soak up knowledge and apply it in new and exciting ways. With Third Eye Pro, the future of business is in good hands!

Caelan Keily

Marketing, Social Media & Events


Meet Caelan, a 13-year-old business whiz and boxing enthusiast! From a young age, Caelan took his love for boxing and turned it into a successful venture by curating images of boxing memorabilia and turning them into print format to sell to friends and members of his boxing club. Now, he’s setting his sights on the clothing industry and is working on creating a custom brand for his latest demographic. When he’s not working on his latest business venture, you can find Caelan kicking a soccer ball around or getting creative with multimedia. And let’s not forget about Lennox, Caelan’s little pup named after boxing legend Lennox “The Lion” Lewis. With Caelan on the team, Third Eye Pro is sure to be a knock-out success!

Alanah Jamal

Interior Design, Build Arts & Craft


Meet Alanah, an 11-year-old bundle of curiosity, wit and love for all things feline! With a fascination for the inner workings of the print shop, Alanah is always asking questions and taking in every detail. Her keen eye for graphic design is evident as she often shadows Jamil while he works his magic on Adobe Photoshop. Alanah has already shown her skills on print installations and her love for creating extends beyond the print shop – she can be found building masterpieces with a variety of media, including upcycling every empty box she can get her hands on! With Alanah on the team, the sky’s the limit for Third Eye Pro

Kamilah Jamal

Music, Design, Arts, Events


Meet Kamilah, a multi-talented 14-year-old artist with a passion for creativity! From portraits to landscapes to fashion-inspired pieces, Kamilah’s drawings are a work of art. With a musical background playing the piano since the age of 6 and performing in both concert and jazz bands, she continues to broaden her skill set by honing her sewing abilities. Kamilah’s love for her furry companion Betty is out of this world and her dream of attending fashion school is well within reach. Third Eye Pro is proud to provide Kamilah with the tools she needs to elevate her art and she has already made a mark by assisting with print installations and prepping orders for our customers. Keep an eye out for Kamilah, she’s sure to be the next big thing!

Join Our Team!

Join our esteemed team! Whether you are a seasoned professional in your field or seeking to gain experience as an intern, we offer flexible opportunities ranging from part-time to full-time positions. Do you have a special skill? We can add you to our outreach roster of preferred vendors for potential future projects.