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Where cinematography and post-production come together into a masterpiece.


Capturing Live events requires multiple cameras to cover all the angles. At Third Eye Pro we've got you covered, from live video feeds and same-day-edits to audio visual support, stage design and projection screen set up. Let Third Eye help plan your event, from logistics to production, with nearly 2 decades of experience, you can say we picked up a thing or two. Need a Third Eye?


From short videos to infomercials, get Third Eye Pro to showcase your products and services. From storyboarding and scripting to filming and voiceovers, get professional service and impactful results. Delivering on time and on budget. Third Eye Pro, a professional video production team in your back pocket.

Real Estate

Residential homes and condos to ranches, commercial properties and industrial landscapes. At Third Eye Pro we produce impactful videos with drones and gimbals to capture the essence and showcase the value of your property. Close a deal with Third Eye.

Say "Eye Do" with Third Eye


From destination events to same day edits, with over a decade of experience, we've seen it all. Every culture, behind the scenes, intimate spaces and sacred moments. Thanks for saying 'eye do" with Third Eye, its been an honor to capture these precious moments.

Editing on the Fly with Third Eye


At Third Eye our passion for music goes beyond the lens. To capture more than sound, and leaving behind more than an impression. The magic all happens in post-production. Out creative team can work with you from start to finish, keeping it efficient and productive. We are fully equipped to work locally and remotely, need a Third Eye?


Capturing sporting events is no easy task, you need to be quick on your feet, and have an eye for detail. Patience is virtue, in order to get those key shots, you need to be steadfast. With Third Eye Pro we are equipped with industry standard gear to capture high frame rates with our fast lenses, never miss a shot with Third Eye Pro.


Telling a visual story is more of a journey than a production. Planning, researching, aligning, archiving, its not your basic video shoot. We take videography to a cinematic level when producing a story that will be shared through out generations. Create your timeless video with Third Eye Productions.