Third Eye Pro delivers expert video and post-production services, from crafting storytelling and promotional videos to multi-camera live streaming. We handle every step, from storyboarding to production and editing, across all formats, bringing your vision to life for decades.

Video & Post-Production

Video Production

Elevate your brand with Third Eye Pro’s expert video production in Vancouver. From corporate and commercial projects to live streaming, drone videography, and multi-camera production, we highlight your products, educate, and inform with captivating visuals. Experience top-notch video production as we create immersive films from concept to development, including live streaming, drone videography, and captivating time-lapse sequences, ensuring remarkable visual storytelling for your projects and brand.

Video Editing

Editing is where all the magic happens, and at Third Eye Pro in Vancouver, our in-house editing team works tirelessly to transform your raw footage into captivating stories. We enhance pacing, transitions, and engage your audience with color grading and correction, while sound editing ensures balance and immersion. Subtitle and closed captioning promote inclusivity, and we preserve your precious memories through archiving. Trust us for expert video editing that brings your vision to life.

Wedding & Events

Embark on an enchanting wedding journey with Third Eye Pro, whether it’s in Vancouver or at a dream destination. With over 500 weddings and special events captured, we specialize in creating cinematic experiences worldwide. From drone videography capturing sweeping images to multi-camera setups ensuring comprehensive coverage. Choose same-day edits for an immersive experience and cherish every moment of your wedding with our crafted digital memory for years to come.

Video Production

Third Eye Pro delivers expert video and post-production services, from crafting storytelling and promotional videos to multi-camera live streaming. We handle every step, from storyboarding to production and editing, across all formats, bringing your vision to life for decades.

Corporate Video Production

We are your trusted partner for exceptional corporate video production in Vancouver. 3rdiPro transforms ideas into impactful narratives, handling everything from concept to post-production. Capture your audience with seamless video delivery, elevate your brand, and communicate key messages.

Commercial Video Production

Specializing in commercial video production in Vancouver. From pre and post-production to expert scriptwriting, casting, filming, and editing, we create visually stunning commercials that captivate your audience. Let us bring your brand to life with our exceptional video production services.

Music Video Production

Unleash your musical vision with Third Eye Pro. From concept development to post-production magic, our team crafts visually captivating videos that amplify your music's impact. With seamless editing, stunning visuals, and dynamic storytelling, we bring your music to life on screen.

Documentary Production

Illuminate the world with Third Eye Pro's compelling documentary production services. From meticulous research to powerful storytelling, we bring real stories to life. With expert planning, filming, and editing, we capture the essence of your subject, creating thought-provoking documentaries that inspire.

Testimonial & Interview Videos

Harness the power of authentic storytelling with Third Eye Pro. With expertly crafted testimonial and interview videos we capture genuine voices and create compelling narratives that deeply resonate with your audience. With captivating visuals and expert storytelling techniques, we leave a lasting impact.

Product Demo Video Production

Highlight your products with our dynamic product demo and video production services in Vancouver. We expertly showcase your offerings, spotlighting their features and benefits. Through captivating visuals and engaging storytelling, we create compelling product demos that captivate your audience and drive conversions.

Educational Video Production

Third Eye Pro, based in Vancouver, offers comprehensive educational video production services. From meticulous research and planning to expert scriptwriting, filming, and post-production, we create engaging videos that effectively educate and inform audiences. Trust us to bring your educational content to life with professional expertise.

Live Stream Production

Based in Vancouver, Third Eye Pro offers professional live stream production services. From planning and equipment setup to real-time mixing and distribution, we ensure seamless live broadcasts. Trust our technical expertise and attention to detail for engaging and flawlessly executed live streaming.

Food & Cooking Video Production​

Capturing Vancouver's culinary essence! Our expert team excels in filming techniques, lighting, and angles. Through meticulous editing, music, narration, and text overlays, we create visually appealing and informative food and cooking videos that inspire and educate viewers in the art of culinary delights.

Drone Videography

Experience the world from breathtaking heights with Third Eye Pro's drone videography services. Our skilled pilots and cutting-edge drones capture stunning aerial footage, revealing unique perspectives. From majestic landscapes to dynamic action shots, we elevate your visuals with unparalleled aerial cinematography expertise.

Social Media Video Production

Third Eye Pro shines in social media video production, delivering captivating content for various platforms. Our expertise in editing, motion graphics, and optimization ensures visually stunning videos of all lengths. Connect with your audience and stand out in the digital realm.

Virtual Reality (VR) & 360° Video

Step into a world of immersive experiences with Third Eye Pro. Our expertise in capturing stunning visuals from every angle allows us to transport your audience to captivating virtual realms. Whether it's in entertainment, real estate, or for events, we create unforgettable interactive VR AND 360 journeys.

Real Estate Video Production

Elevate your Vancouver real estate listings with our visually stunning video production. From aerial shots to interior 360 walkthroughs, we showcase the unique features of each property. Our expert editing creates compelling videos that attract buyers and make a lasting impression.

News & Journalism Video Production

Third Eye Pro excels in delivering timely and impactful visual content. From breaking news to event coverage, our expert team captures and presents stories with integrity. Engage and inform your audience with our engaging and informative videos.

Sports Video Production

Exciting sports video production by Third Eye Pro, capturing the intensity and passion of athletic events. Our skilled team, with expert editing, covers games, highlights key moments, and creates dynamic sports reels. We deliver engaging videos that showcase the athleticism and thrill of the sporting world.

Cinematic Video Production

Third Eye Pro specializes in crafting stunning and immersive films. From concept development to post-production magic, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to tell compelling stories. With expert editing, breathtaking visuals, and captivating narratives, we deliver cinematic videos that amaze audiences.

Cinematic Video Production

Third Eye Pro specializes in crafting stunning and immersive films. From concept development to post-production magic, we utilize cutting-edge techniques to tell compelling stories. With expert editing, breathtaking visuals, and captivating narratives, we deliver cinematic videos that amaze audiences.

Webinar & Online Course Production

Captivate learners with the help of Third Eye Pro. With meticulous planning, compelling filming, and interactive features, we deliver seamless and user-friendly educational experiences that foster impactful learning.

Travel & Tourism Video Production

Third Eye Pro specializes in travel and tourism video production, capturing the essence of destinations with breathtaking visuals. From scenic landscapes to cultural experiences, we create compelling videos that inspire wanderlust. Expert editing and storytelling, transports viewers on worldly virtual journeys.

Fashion Video Production

We are Vancouver's fashion video production experts. From runway shows to brand campaigns, we create dynamic videos showcasing the artistry and elegance of fashion. With expert editing, we capture the essence of style, delivering soulful content to captivate your target audience.

Event Productions

In Vancouver, Third Eye Pro excels in event video production. From weddings and celebrations to conferences, we expertly capture the essence and energy of every occasion. Trust us to create captivating videos that immortalize your special events with style and precision.

Wedding Videography

Experience enchanting wedding videography in Vancouver and beyond with Third Eye Pro. From local weddings to destination celebrations, our expert team has captured over 500 magical moments. With multi-day coverage and the option to bundle with photography, we preserve your love story in breathtaking cinematic beauty.

Multi-Camera Production

Third Eye Pro specializes in multi-camera production, creating dynamic visual experiences. With our expertise in coordinating and capturing from multiple angles, we deliver engaging and seamless footage. From live events to interviews and performances, we ensure every moment is captured with precision, adding depth and richness to the final production.

Construction Time Lapse Video

Masters of construction time-lapse videos, Third Eye Pro showcases the entire building process in a captivating visual journey. With precise camera placement and expert editing, we condense weeks or months of construction into mesmerizing sequences that highlight progress and transformations.

Post Production

Unleash the magic of post-production with Third Eye Pro’s expert services. Our skilled team enhances visuals, refines audio, and brings your project to life. Elevate your content with our exceptional post-production services, ensuring a polished and captivating final product.

Video Editing

Third Eye Pro specializes in video editing, transforming raw footage into polished and captivating visual stories. With meticulous attention to detail, we enhance the pacing, transitions, and overall flow to create a seamless and engaging viewing experience.

Colour Grading & Correction

With artistic precision, Third Eye Pro excels in color grading and correction. We elevate the colors, tones, and overall aesthetic of your footage, creating a cohesive and captivating look that enhances the storytelling and impact of your content.

Sound Editing & Mixing

In the bustling soundscape of Vancouver, Third Eye Pro delivers exceptional sound editing and mixing services. We elevate audio quality, balance, and immersion, bringing clarity, depth, and professionalism to your projects.

Voice-Over & Dubbing

Third Eye Pro adds captivating narration and multilingual capabilities to your projects. Our talented team of voice artists and audio engineers ensure seamless synchronization, clear articulation, and high-quality sound production, enhancing the storytelling and impact of your content.

Motion Graphics & Visual Effects (VFX)

Our talented team brings your vision to life with dynamic animations, seamless transitions, and eye-catching designs. With expert precision and creativity, we elevate your content to new levels, leaving a lasting impression on your audience.

Music Scoring & Soundtrack Creation

Experience the magic of music with Third Eye Pro. With a roster of skilled composers and sound designers at our fingertips we craft original compositions that elevate the mood, emotion, and narrative of your projects.

Subtitle & Closed Captioning

Third Eye Pro offers professional subtitle and closed captioning services, ensuring accessibility and inclusivity in your content. With our linguistic expertise, we provide accurate and synchronized subtitles or closed captions, making your videos comprehensible and accessible to a wider audience.

Multi-format Conversion & Encoding

With our expert team in Vancouver, Third Eye Pro ensures seamless compatibility across platforms and devices by delivering optimized files in the required formats, resolutions, and codecs for hassle-free distribution and playback.

Video Compression

Optimize your videos with Third Eye Pro for efficient storage and streaming. Our expert team utilizes advanced compression techniques to reduce file sizes without compromising quality, ensuring fast load times and seamless playback across various platforms and devices.

DVD/Blu-Ray Authoring

Third Eye Pro specializes in DVD/Blu-ray authoring, creating professional and interactive disc-based media. Our Vancouver-based team handles the entire authoring process, including menu design, chapter navigation, subtitles, and bonus features. We deliver this niche product with ease.

Storyboarding & Script Editing

Third Eye Pro brings structure and clarity to your creative projects. Our Vancouver team collaborates closely with you to refine your ideas, craft compelling narratives, and develop visually engaging storyboards. Trust us to transform your vision into a well-crafted and captivating story.

Quality Control & Archiving

Third Eye Pro ensures rigorous quality control and reliable archiving services for your valuable content. We review and assess every aspect of your project to ensure the highest standards are met. With robust archiving practices, we safeguard your media assets for long-term preservation and easy retrieval.

Video Packages & Save

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  • Run & Gun Package

    Get ready for action with Third Eye Pro's "Run and Gun" video production package. Ideal for fast-paced and on-the-go projects, we capture dynamic footage with a handheld approach. This package is perfect for events, live performances, interviews, and any situation requiring quick and agile shooting, delivering impressive results in a snap.

  • Social Media Package

    Level up your social media presence with our Social Media Video Package. Crafted to engage and captivate your audience, we produce short and snappy videos optimized for various platforms. From eye-catching product teasers to informative how-to videos, our package helps boost your brand's visibility and reach in the digital world.

  • Event Video Package

    Capture the magic of events in Vancouver and beyond with our Event Video Package. From destination events to multi-day occasions, we employ multi-camera setups to ensure comprehensive coverage. Enjoy same-day edits for an immersive experience, preserving cherished memories of your special moments.

  • Training Video Package

    Empower your workforce with our comprehensive Training Video Packages. Designed for educational purposes, we create engaging videos that effectively communicate essential information, processes, and procedures. From onboarding new employees to ongoing training, our packages ensure efficient and consistent education, empowering your team.

  • Hospitality Package

    Elevate your hospitality business with our expert video production services. We create compelling videos that showcase your accommodations, amenities, and services, enticing guests to choose your establishment. From hotels and resorts to restaurants and event venues, we provide a captivating visual experience.

  • Product Demo Package

    Delight your audience with our enticing Product Demo Package tailored for the food and retail industry in Vancouver. We create captivating videos that showcase your culinary creations or retail products, highlighting their unique features and benefits. Our package helps you connect with customers, driving sales and promoting your brand's offerings.

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