Elevate design to new heights with Vancouver’s Third Eye Pro. Combining creative ideas and the power of AI with a human touch, we deliver impactful and effective designs for web and print. Our in-house services ensure affordable rates and seamless execution. 

Graphics & Design

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Graphic Design

Print Design

UI Design

UX Design

Graphic Design

Unlock the power of captivating visuals with Third Eye Pro. Our skilled designers utilize industry-leading tools like Adobe Photoshop and AI to enhance and resize your images for various projects or create a complete logo and brand from scratch. Trust us to transform your vision into stunning visual assets In Vancouver and beyond that resonate with your audience and elevate your brand.

Print Design

In Vancouver, Third Eye Pro is your one-stop for print design needs. Our comprehensive services cater to businesses, individuals, and students, offering expertise in creating visually stunning layouts and precise typesetting for business cards, posters, vehicle wraps, and more. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your brand presence or achieve success in your art projects, trust us to deliver exceptional print designs.

UI Design

Elevate user experiences in Vancouver and beyond with Third Eye Pro’s comprehensive UI design expertise. Our skilled team specializes in creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces, including dashboard design, with a focus on cross-platform compatibility. From mobile to web app UI solutions, we deliver seamless digital experiences that captivate users and drive business success.

UX Design

Uplevel user experiences in Vancouver and worldwide with Third Eye Pro’s UX services. Our skilled team combines wireframing, user testing, content strategy, accessibility design, and a host of other techniques to create intuitive and compelling interfaces. With an understanding of user needs, behaviors, and preferences, we meticulously design meaningful interactions that align with your business goals of usability and inclusivity.

Our services

Graphic Design

Social Media Graphics

Enter Third Eye Pro's vibrant realm! We weave graphic design magic, enchanting your social media presence. Captivate, engage and conquer with our mesmerizing visuals. Unleash your brand's power and leave competitors green with envy.

Web Design

Unleash your brand's digital potential with Third Eye Pro's captivating web design. Our experts create stunning, user-centric websites that boost your online presence and drive conversions. Conquer your digital domain today!

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics revolutionize graphic design, infusing static visuals with captivating animation. Third Eye Pro harnesses this magic, breathing life into your brand. Engage, inform, and leave a lasting impact.

Brand Identity

Brand identity, the visual essence of a brand, comes alive through graphic design. Third Eye Pro crafts cohesive elements like logos, colors, and typography to communicate your brand's values and create lasting connections.

Email Design

Ignite your email marketing with captivating design. Third Eye Pro crafts visually stunning email campaigns that grab attention and drive action. Engage your audience, reinforce your brand, and maximize your email marketing success with our expert design services.

Icon Design

Icon design is the art of creating visually appealing and meaningful icons that represent specific actions, concepts, or objects in a simple and concise manner. We craft icons that enhance user experience, communicate effectively, and reinforce brand identity.

Newsletter Design

Transform your newsletters with Third Eye Pro's stunning designs. We create visually appealing and engaging newsletters that captivate your audience, deliver valuable content, and reinforce your brand identity. Connect and communicate effectively.


Unlock the transformative power of typography with us! Our skilled designers craft captivating typefaces, arranging them with precision and artistry to create visually stunning and impactful designs. Transform your brand's visual language today.

Photo Restoration

Revive treasured memories with Third Eye Pro's photo restoration expertise. Our skilled team rejuvenates faded, damaged, or old photographs, preserving their beauty and essence. Bring cherished moments back to life.


Unlock the full potential of your visuals with our expert photoshopping skills. Our team wields the power of Photoshop to seamlessly enhance, retouch, and manipulate images, creating stunning and flawless results.


Illustrations in graphic design are artistic visual representations that convey messages, stories, and ideas. Third Eye Pro's talented artists create captivating illustrations that enhance various design projects, capturing attention and evoking emotions.

AI & Mid Journey

AI and Midjourney converge in the realm of graphic design, creating a visual revolution. With AI-driven tools our prompt engineers craft mesmerizing visuals, captivating audiences with stunning graphics while pushing creative boundaries.

Our Services

Print Design

Layout & Typesetting

Layout and typesetting are the pillars of effective visual communication. With meticulous attention to detail, we expertly arrange elements, selects fonts, and optimize spacing to create harmonious designs.

Menu Design

Menu design services encompass layout, visuals, typography, and branding integration. We craft visually appealing menus with enticing descriptions, user-friendly structure, and proper formatting. Elevate your dining experience.

Signage Design

Third Eye Pro specializes in crafting captivating signage designs that effectively communicate messages, enhance branding, and elevate events. By encompassing design, print production, and installation, we've got you covered!

Promo & Event Design

Promo and event design services involve concept development, visual identity, print and digital assets, branding integration, and precise layouts. Our captivating graphics leave a lasting impression, boosting your promotional efforts.

Packaging Design

Vancouver's Third Eye Pro crafts visually stunning and functional packaging that grabs attention, amplifies brand identity, and makes your products shine. Get ready to stand out with our fun and engaging design services!

Vehicle Wrap Design

Rev up your brand's visibility with Third Eye Pro's dynamic vehicle wrap designs. Our expert team transforms vehicles into moving works of art, capturing attention on the road. Drive your brand forward with our captivating and impactful vehicle wrap design services.

Apparel Design

At Third Eye Pro, we specialize in custom apparel design and press. Our expert team brings your vision to life, creating unique and eye-catching designs. With our state-of-the-art press techniques, your custom apparel will truly stand out.

Book Cover Design

Embark on a visual journey! Our team weaves creativity and aesthetics into every cover, enhancing the appeal of your book. Experience exceptional design services that bring your story to life in stunning visuals.

Business Card Design

Get ready to make a lasting impression with 3rdiPro's business card wizardry! Our expert team merges creativity and style crafting unique and eye-catching designs that represent your brand with flair. Leave a lasting cardmark!

Logo Design

Ignite your brand's visual identity with Third Eye Pro's logo design magic. Our expert team dives into research, drafting, and color alchemy, crafting unique logos that represent your brand's essence. Make your mark with us today!

Raster & Vector Graphics

Unleash visual wizardry with Third Eye Pro's graphic design. From pixel-perfect precision in raster graphics to infinite scalability in vector graphics, we enchant with the power of pixels and equations. Elevate your visual realm with us!

Die Cut Label

Experience the art of creativity with our vibrant die-cut labels. Crafted into any desired shape or contour, our custom-shaped labels break free from the ordinary. Elevate your packaging, branding, and promotional materials.

Our Services

UI Design

Web Interface

Our Vancouver-based company crafts captivating web interfaces locally and beyond, blending aesthetics and function. Upgrade user experiences with our expert touch and transform your online presence.

Interactive Design

Unleash the magic of interactive design with Third Eye Pro. Our expert team crafts captivating digital experiences that blend creativity and functionality. Ignite user engagement with our inclusive interactive design services.

Dashboard Design

3rdiPro crafts visually appealing, user-friendly dashboards presenting complex data concisely. Our interactive designs deliver valuable insights, empowering data-driven decisions. Boost your data visualization and analysis.

Cross Platform

Embark on a cross-platform adventure with Third Eye Pro! Our expert team crafts software and applications that effortlessly run on desktop, mobile, and web. Reach a wider audience and conquer multiple platforms!

Responsive Design

Step into the future of web design with our responsive design services. Our expert team creates dynamic websites that seamlessly adapt to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal user experiences on desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Mobile Apps

Ignite your brand's presence with Third Eye Pro's captivating mobile app development services. Our expert team crafts visually stunning and feature-rich apps for iOS and Android platforms. Expand your reach, and stay ahead in the digital world.

Web Apps

Harness the power of web applications with Third Eye Pro. Our expert team develops dynamic and user-friendly web apps that bring interactivity and functionality to your online presence. Supercharge your e-commerce and other platforms with us!

Touch Screen Interface Design

Amplify touch interactions with our touchscreen interface design. Our expert team crafts intuitive interfaces optimized for touch-enabled devices, ensuring seamless navigation, responsiveness, and a delightful user experience.

Our Services

UX Design


Join the blueprint brigade with our wireframing. Our UX design team creates low-fidelity visual guides that lay the foundation for stunning interfaces. Test user flows and organize content, before diving into high-fidelity design.


In Vancouver, Third Eye Pro breathes life into ideas with interactive simulations and mockups. Test, iterate, and gather feedback for user-centric designs that elevate digital experiences. Prototyping unveils flaws, and improves usability in final designs.

User Testing

Refine your design with real user insights through Third Eye Pro's expert user testing. Uncover usability issues, validate design decisions, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Elevate your product through data-driven improvements.

Accessibility Design

Welcome all users to an inclusive digital realm with us. Our experts prioritize equal access, crafting user-friendly experiences for people of all abilities. Elevate your design by embracing accessibility, creating a welcoming and empowering environment for all..

Content Strategy

Boost content strategy with Third Eye Pro. We plan, create, and manage purposeful content aligned with your goals and audience. Elevate your brand with a cohesive and impactful content approach that engages and achieves business success.

A/B Testing

Optimize your web presence with A/B testing by Third Eye Pro. Compare two versions, analyze results, and make data-driven decisions. Amplify user experience and achieve better outcomes with our expert testing and optimization services.

User Flows

Guide users on a seamless journey with our user flow expertise. We map out intuitive pathways, ensuring smooth navigation toward goals. Enrich user experiences by optimizing flow and eliminating obstacles, creating a fun and efficient digital journey.

User Mapping

Gain insights into your customers' journey with user mapping by Third Eye Pro. Visualize the experience, uncover pain points, and seize opportunities to enhance user engagement. Heighten your understanding and create impactful experiences.

Design in Packages & Save

Design Packages: streamlined solutions under one roof for your creative needs with Third Eye Pro. Maximize efficiency and savings with our comprehensive services and packages.

  • Start Up Package

    Ignite your business's success with our comprehensive start-up package. Whether it's digital printing services for stunning marketing materials, eye-catching signs that grab attention, professional business cards that make a lasting impression, or captivating brand design that sets you apart, Third Eye Pro equips you with all the essentials to establish a strong and memorable presence from day one.

  • Online Store Package

    Unleash the potential of your online store with our comprehensive package. From engaging web design to seamless e-commerce functionality, secure payment gateways, and effective product presentation, Third Eye Pro provides the tools and expertise to help your online store thrive and succeed.

  • Branding Package

    Elevate your brand with our all-inclusive branding package. From crafting a captivating brand identity to designing compelling logos, developing a cohesive visual language, and creating brand guidelines, Third Eye Pro helps you establish a strong and memorable brand presence that resonates with your target audience.

  • App Development Package

    Transform your app idea into reality with our comprehensive app development package. From initial concept to design, development, testing, and deployment, Third Eye Pro provides end-to-end solutions to create a seamless and engaging app experience across platforms, ensuring your app stands out in the digital landscape.

  • Social Media Package

    Maximize your online presence with our dynamic social media package. We offer strategic planning, content creation, community management, and performance analysis across popular social media platforms. Third Eye Pro helps you engage your audience, build brand awareness, and drive meaningful connections through effective social media marketing.

  • Restaurant Pacakge

    Delight your customers with our restaurant package tailored to your culinary business. From enticing menu design and captivating signage to mouthwatering food photography and cohesive branding, Third Eye Pro elevates your restaurant's image, helping you attract diners and leaving an impression on their taste buds and hearts.

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