Take design to the next level, using creative ideas, and integrating AI with a human touch. We deliver impactful, effective designs ready for both web and print at affordable rates. Third Eye Pro is your complete multimedia house. 

Open Source & AI

AI Tools

Third Eye Pro harnesses AI tools to revolutionize its multimedia services. From prompt engineering for AI models to social media strategy, AI-driven analytics, and content optimization, we create innovative solutions for clients. Our expertise in AI ensures enhanced user experiences, data-driven decision-making, and exceptional results across diverse projects.

Prompt Engineering

With a focus on inclusivity and precision, Third Eye Pro maximizes its capabilities through Prompt Engineering. We refine AI model performance for clients by conducting custom prompt development, bias analysis, and optimization. As a result, our AI-driven solutions deliver accurate and reliable results, tailored to elevate their projects efficiently.

Open Source

Third Eye Pro utilizes Open Source Tools to provide clients with innovative and cost-effective solutions. From web development with open-source CMS to graphic design using versatile tools, we leverage the power of open-source technologies. This enables us to deliver exceptional results across diverse projects, tailored to meet clients’ unique requirements.

Training Integration

With comprehensive training and seamless integration services, clients can confidently leverage the full potential of AI and open-source technologies. Third Eye Pro equips clients with the knowledge and skills to effectively utilize these tools and seamlessly integrates them into existing systems, driving remarkable business success and outcomes.


AI Tools

Third Eye Pro leverages cutting-edge AI tools to empower clients in Web Development, Social Media, Printing, and Graphic Design. With AI-driven insights and automation, we deliver tailored solutions, driving exceptional results for your business.

Chat GPT

Third Eye Pro employs Chat GPT to create compelling website content, conduct industry and competitor research, and gain valuable insights for clients' needs. This AI tool enhances efficiency and delivers data-driven solutions, ensuring a competitive edge in the digital landscape.


Claude operates on principles of being Helpful, Honest, and Harmless. Third Eye Pro has harnessed this AI tool as a powerful text processor, automating workflows, and obtaining valuable insights. By seamlessly integrating Claude into Python and other platforms, we elevate your business with effective AI solutions.

Mid Journey

Third Eye Pro expertly utilizes MidJourney prompting to craft visually inspiring art and graphics. Collaborating closely with clients, we bring branding, artistic vision, and expressions to life. Let us handle the prompting while you focus on what truly matters – your business!

Google Bard

As your creative and helpful collaborator, Third Eye Pro harnesses the power of Bard to supercharge your imagination and bring your ideas to life. Whether you're planning the perfect event in Vancouver or seeking ways to reach your target audience, we expertly wield this powerful tool achieving top results.

Prompt Engineering

Third Eye Pro offers advanced prompt engineering tools, enhancing AI model performance for clients.

Custom Prompt Development

Third Eye Pro excels in Custom Prompt Development, crafting tailored prompts to optimize AI model performance. With expertise in fine-tuning and iterating prompts, we ensure accurate and reliable AI responses, empowering our clients with effective AI-driven solutions for their unique business needs.

Prompt Optimization

Third Eye Pro expertly aids clients with Prompt Optimization, refining, and iterating prompts to enhance AI model output. With thorough experimentation and analysis, we ensure optimal prompt performance, delivering accurate and reliable AI-driven solutions for your specific requirements.

Integration & Implementation

Third Eye Pro provides expert Integration and Implementation services, ensuring smooth incorporation of prompt engineering solutions into clients' existing systems. With our guidance, clients effortlessly harness the power of AI models for improved efficiency and remarkable results.

Bias Mitigation

Third Eye Pro supports clients with Bias Analysis and Mitigation. Our thorough assessment and implementation of strategies ensure AI models deliver fair and unbiased responses, fostering inclusivity and reliability. By actively addressing biases, we empower our clients to deploy AI-driven solutions that are respectful of diverse perspectives.

Open Source

Third Eye Pro provides a wide range of open-source tools, empowering clients with cost-effective and innovative solutions.

Open Source CMS

Third Eye Pro supports clients with Open Source CMS solutions. Our expertise in customization and integration ensures seamless website development, easy content management, and scalability, empowering clients with robust online platforms.

Graphic Design Tools

We offer expertise in leveraging Open Source Graphic Design Tools, creating captivating visuals for clients. With versatile and cost-effective tools, Third Eye Pro crafts stunning graphics, illustrations, and multimedia elements that elevate brand presence and engagement.

Video & Audio Editing

Third Eye Pro leverages Open Source Video and Audio Editing tools to deliver top-notch multimedia content. With our expertise, clients benefit from cost-effective and creative solutions, as we refine visuals, improve audio quality, and create captivating videos.

Analytics & Reporting

Third Eye Pro values Open Source Analytics and Reporting, enabling clients to gain valuable insights from their data. Through sophisticated tools, we deliver comprehensive reports and analysis, empowering data-driven decision-making for business growth and success.

Training & Integration

Our proficient team ensures clients benefit from cutting-edge technologies, delivering innovative and efficient solutions for their projects.

Training & Support

Third Eye Pro offers comprehensive Training and Support, empowering clients with prompt engineering best practices and AI model usage. Our expert guidance ensures clients confidently implement and optimize AI solutions, achieving outstanding performance and success.

Customize & Integrate

Tailoring solutions to meet clients' unique needs. Our expert team seamlessly integrates open-source technologies, providing customized applications and systems for enhanced performance and efficiency.

Migration Services

Whether it's migrating from proprietary software to open-source alternatives or upgrading to newer open-source versions, our comprehensive approach ensures a successful migration that maximizes efficiency and minimizes disruptions to your operations.

Software Selection

Helping clients make informed choices for their projects. Our team carefully analyzes your requirements, business goals, and budget constraints to recommend the most suitable software solutions. With our guidance, clients can confidently choose the best software solutions to drive success.

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