Jamil Mawani

Founder & Creative Director

Jamil Mawani, the creative genius and founder of Third Eye Productions Ltd. Third Eye Pro is an esteemed multimedia firm known for producing gripping visual content across an array of platforms such as video productions, photography, graphic design, web development, print, installations, social media management, and event design. The firm’s work is well-regarded, prominently featured across a multitude of platforms, and caters to an array of clients from various industries. Jamil’s innate enthusiasm for creative arts and meticulous attention to detail, alongside his inherited talent for design and problem-solving, have significantly aided his journey in the field.


As a child, he admired his father, Nash Mawani, a skilled photographer and videographer, from whom he learned the nuances of the industry. Nash’s hands-on approach to creativity and problem-solving, coupled with his comprehensive toolkit, nurtured in Jamil the skills that he continues to employ in his work today. Nash’s foresight to branch out into video rental businesses provided young Jamil early access to the latest movies and video games before their public release. This gave him an opportunity to learn how to convert analog media to digital and introduced him to Adobe Photoshop at a young age.

Following a stint in the film industry, Jamil, disheartened by the industry’s segregation, decided to take a break. He dabbled in various fields, such as retail, hospitality, and sales. However, after recovering from testicular cancer, Jamil realized his desire for time and agency control. This led him back to his roots in design, video, and photography. Noticing the gap between analog and digital media and the customer frustration in dealing with multiple vendors for a single project, he launched Third Eye Pro, offering an all-in-one solution for print, design, web development, video production, and photography.

During his studies at BCIT, Jamil was part of an exclusive entrepreneurial program focused on startups. At that time, his uncle, Anzoom (Andy) Nathani, owner of post-production company 24 Frames, provided him with invaluable experience and a dedicated workspace, facilitating a more successful entry into the multimedia industry.

In addition, SAMCO, a company founded by his uncle, Sam Hirji, has been a significant source of inspiration and guidance. With over 40 years of industry experience, SAMCO serves as a shining example of expertise and know-how, and has deeply influenced Jamil’s understanding of the field.

The foundation of Third Eye Pro was a nostalgic moment for Jamil, as he chose to set up the company at the site of his father’s first video store. Despite the decline of the video rental industry, by then, he had amassed considerable experience through numerous weddings, print, and web development projects. Convinced in his abilities, he moved to a spacious 4000 square-foot space.

“Work is love made visible”

Kahlil Gibran

With societal trends leaning towards minimalism, Jamil adapted Third Eye Pro to meet these changes by transforming it into a remote home-based business. He converted his garage into a printing workshop and used shared commercial spaces as needed. Operating Third Eye Pro from his home, coupled with a commitment to sustainability, enabled him to reduce environmental impact and offer more competitive rates to clients.

Over the past two decades, Jamil has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the industry’s most creative and talented individuals. He is continually exploring new frontiers in multimedia, eager to elevate Third Eye Pro to greater heights.

Beyond his professional commitments, Jamil harbors a passion for hands-on home renovation projects and building. He enjoys tackling challenging projects, finding creative solutions, and refining his skills with a collection of tools that he has meticulously curated over the years.

A devout photography enthusiast, Jamil has a personal collection of antique cameras and equipment. Some items carry sentimental value, such as his mother’s first camera and his father’s original professional gear. Dedicated to preserving the history and technology of photography, he shares his passion with others by displaying his collection in his office and educating those interested in its heritage.

He also seeks to preserve his youthful spirit and curiosity through his collection of electric go-karts and other playful toys, bringing joy to himself and others through shared experiences.

As a cancer survivor, he places substantial emphasis on maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. He integrates mindfulness practices, such as meditation and spirituality, into his daily routine to cultivate inner peace and focus. His personal and professional spaces are designed to reflect this holistic approach.

Family is an integral part of Jamil’s life, comprising his life and business partner, Sabrina, their two daughters, Kamilah and Alanah, and their beloved dog, Betty. He cherishes spending quality time with them and believes in the importance of a strong and supportive family dynamic.

His family life doesn’t end there! He is blessed with a wonderful mother and two exceptional sisters who raised him into the man he is today. His mother is an incredible cook, and their shared passion for food led to the opening of their Vancouver based family restaurant, Jambo Grill, in 2005. The restaurant offers customers an authentic dining experience and celebrates the rich East African and Indian cultural heritage of their family.

In both his professional and personal endeavors, Jamil is driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge and growth. He is always pushing the boundaries of his expertise, creating meaningful and impactful work for himself and his clients. He’s always ready, with his Third Eye, to bring visions to reality.

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Awards & Accolades

Through the years, Third Eye Pro has cultivated partnerships with a carefully selected array of talented independent contractors and esteemed vendors. Our capability to bolster our in-house team with these seasoned professionals allows us to tackle projects of any magnitude. With a focus on collaboration and continuous learning, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for every project.