Nana's Kitchen

Third Eye Pro excels in stunning e-commerce restaurant web design; integrating functionality, aesthetics, and user-friendliness to attract and engage customers.

Quick Prints

In perfect collaboration with your vision, Third Eye Pro designs websites tailored for web orders, streamlining processes to enhance customer satisfaction and foster repeat business.

Jambo Grill

We elevate restaurants with intuitive user interface design, SEO optimization, and seamless online ordering platforms for enhanced customer experiences. Satisfy your appetite for success.

The Journey Film

Artists partner with Third Eye Pro to create interactive web masterpieces using WordPress to guide users through captivating visuals. Showcase films, art, photography, and more.

Absolute Dental

Third Eye Pro specializes in web development for Medical and Dental professionals, offering seamless online booking systems and integrated reminders, ensuring efficient patient updates and care.

Afghan Horsemen

Revamp your restaurant's success with Third Eye Pro! We create irresistible menus, visually stunning and easy to navigate. Social media integration boosts your online presence, making you the talk of the town!


At Third Eye Pro, we passionately build accessible websites, champion sustainability with WHC, and nurture community. Embracing love, we craft a brighter digital path together.

The Basic Eats

Ignite your restaurant's potential with Third Eye Pro! Benefit from seamless online chat support and potent email marketing integration, connecting and captivating customers effortlessly.

Nicholas Powell

Third Eye Pro showcases actors and artists with captivating website development, highlighting their portfolio, accolades, and resume, while engaging fans with event & blog updates.

Likky Lavji

Through our expertise in responsive web design, we empower public speakers to deliver their insights and wisdom with clarity and impact. With a captivating online presence, engage and inspire worldwide.

Riley & Ryze Band

Third Eye Pro partners with musicians to craft captivating websites that combine sights and sounds, emphasizing performance optimization for a fast, smooth, and immersive experience.

One Oak Counselling

We partners with Counsellors and Physicians, prioritizing accessibility and security. Their websites cater to all users while safeguarding confidential information and online transactions.

Pro Star Contracting

Collaborating with construction companies, Third Eye Pro crafts robust websites displaying clear missions, visions, projects, and reviews, along with integrated online quote requests.

Fleck Contracting

Third Eye Pro designs construction company websites, highlighting their specialties and providing clear contact information, ensuring seamless communication with potential clients.

Seal Consulting

Third Eye Pro takes pride in partnering with environmentally conscious companies that prioritize community safety, crafting websites that reflect their commitment.

Sunbury Fencing

For landscaping and outdoor companies, Third Eye Pro showcases services using high-quality visuals and integrates customer reviews to build trust and credibility.

Station Physiotherapy

Third Eye Pro collaborates with healthcare professionals, showcasing their modalities, managing online booking systems, and leveraging social media integration.

The Stress Test

For fitness specialists, Third Eye Pro creates impactful websites that voice their mission and offer email marketing integration for staying connected with customers.

Fluid Serivce

Third Eye Pro elevates businesses with high-quality imagery and optimized websites for fast loading times, effectively conveying messages and guiding customers to contact.

Tots of Fun Daycare

Educational facilities harness the magic of Third Eye Pro, crafting websites that beautifully showcase the gift of learning to inspire students.